3 Steps To Get #PaidToPost On Instagram:

Let’s discuss how to get compensated to post on Instagram. As you may have heard, celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Beyonce, and Selena Gomez get paid between $300,000 and $1,000,000 to post on the platform. Of course, it’s in strategic partnership with businesses who want to reach that person’s audience, one earned over years of effort and hard work. There’s a crucial word in that sentence: the audience. If you grow an active, genuinely engaged community, you can reap near limitless benefits. The natural question then becomes: “how do I build an audience on one of the fastest growing social networks in the world?”

This game is about creating a win-win-win situation with the key players: yourself, a company and the audience. All three get to indulge in the benefits of what you’re going to learn how to do, which is getting paid to post online. First, you’ll need to earn people’s attention consistently. Let’s say your goal is hitting 1,000 followers. How would your life change if you had an audience of that size? Many people would answer, “significantly,” because it gives you a sense of “oh my gosh, there are a bunch of people interested in me and my information!” That usually happens when you commit to a particular expertise or niche. So, what is your field, occupation or topic of mastery? You’re the most in-demand, sought-after, best selling, highest performing… what? Ok, you have your topic, so let’s grow your account.

Step 1: If you want more likes on Instagram, quite simply, start liking other people’s content. We all want more likes, followers, and engagement, so start engaging with people in your niche. As you know, reciprocity is a psychological principle that most people have. If you were to go on Instagram throughout the day and like 100 pictures related to your field of expertise, you’d get six new followers, on average. For example, you’re a parenting coach teaching mothers and fathers how to talk to their children so they can cultivate a positive relationship. If you go on Instagram and like 100 pictures related to parental training and family growth, on average, according to an independent study, you will get six new followers (of course, results vary from person to person).

Step 2: You can go even deeper and leave a comment for somebody. That’s huge because, which do you pay more attention to — when someone likes or comments on your photo? The comment. You’re going to read it, most likely check out the person who left it, and may very well follow them or engage in a conversation online.

Step 3: Furthermore, when someone checks out your profile, it helps to have a great bio. Do you clearly state who you are and what you do? There should be a link to click & view more information about you. Ideally, that link brings the people to a landing page, which is just a web page asking for the viewer’s first name and email address. Once they provide that, you can email them videos, articles, checklists and other media related to the topic that brought you both together. For example, my Instagram account says “Social Media Strategist & Philanthropist” with a link to my book, 27 Ways To Grow Your Business With Social Media. The branding is consistent: Social Media Strategist, Social Media eBook.

Brief recap of your Instagram engagement strategies: you’re liking and commenting on people’s photos left and right, have crafted a clear, engaging bio and are starting to gain followers. Firstly, a logistical note: don’t go crazy with the liking & commenting in any given 24 hour period. Make your engagement genuine otherwise Instagram may contemplate banning your profile. Secondly, with your new, growing community, download an app called PopularPays from the App Store or your phone’s similar platform. Once you have at least 5,000 followers, you can apply to post a picture featuring a business’ product in exchange for compensation. Nike, Amazon, Google, Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts are among the participating companies according to the app’s website. You would “apply” to be a part of a business’ campaign, essentially saying “I’m interested in posting a picture about your brand.” Your ability to acquire real followers and authentically promote brands that you use and believe in creates a new type of online economy: one where anyone can become an influencer. If you subscribe to the belief that “the long way is the shortcut” and that “commitment is the cure-all,” then you can win at becoming a well known, paid social media influencer. Does that sound likable to you? 🙂

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