Be A Fan of Your Fans Like Peyton Manning

“Imitation is obviously a great form of flattery.”

-Peyton Manning


When you earn the respect of a few people, you have a talent. When you earn the respect of a group, you have done something extraordinary. When you can garner adoration and admiration from a significant amount of people, you have found a strong niche for yourself. Lastly, when you can get countless people to pack into an arena to see you, you have truly solidified a legacy for yourself.

You are an impressive individual when you can do these things. When you get to that elite point, do not fear your fans. They will come from all angles, and their praise will be great, so just accept it. Never be afraid of success, or you will not encounter it.

Welcome the fans. Give them recognition. They will love you for it as all fans do.

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