Stay as Calm as Aaron Rogers Under Pressure


“I’ve always seemed to have my best performances when I’m under the most pressure.”

Aaron Rodgers


Life will throw many unexpected challenges at a person in their lifetime. For example, what was an innocent drive to school becomes a massive traffic jam that sets a student back forty five minutes. When the student arrives at school, first period has ended. As it turns out, first period was the final review class for tomorrow’s test. How does that person react?

Some people have schedules the size of mountains. The nature and number of their commitments are relentless, forcing that person into a weary, thinned mindset. It is at a person’s lowest point of energy and esteem where he chooses to continue or to stop. It could be walking your dog after hours of studying, or standing motionless in the shower after a day of baseball tryouts. An individual’s merit is tested in the silence of fatigue.

When life throws obstacles or difficulties at you, do as Aaron Rodgers does, and succeed under the pressure. How? Generate clarity of mind and mission. Know your objective, and believe that it can be obtained.

Do you think Aaron Rodgers questions his play calling when he is on the one yard line?

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