Overcome Criticism Like Lebron James

Bring It On.

Bring It On.

“I like criticism. It makes you strong.”

LeBron James

A person can not be successful without fielding animosity. There are some critics, good-willed in their intentions, whose advice is meant to improve the subject they are discussing. However, there are critics who seek to point out flaws. They are the type of people who, when walking into their best friend’s newly renovated mansion with its sparkling grand piano and beautiful high definition television would say, “Sorry about the chipped tile in the bathroom.”

Accept critics for whom they are, and if they mess with your psyche, imagine a renowned person whom you respect. Realize that even that person, for example — Lebron James, has critics. No matter how well James performs, people will question his ‘legacy’ in some way.

Well, at least James has a legacy, which will be remembered long after the existence of his detractors is swept into the eternal sands of history, never to be referenced or called upon for anything of importance.

So which are you going to do? Build a legacy, or be forgotten.

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