3 Steps To Create A High-Performing Social Media Campaign

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Very excited to announce how you can create a high-performing marketing campaign.

This process applies whether you’re on Facebook, Instagram or performing email marketing.

Here is the thought process that goes through my mind when writing persuasive messages, & the same exact psychology that let me win the Best Marketing Campaign of the Year Award:

1. Use A Quick Rhyme: Gain And Pain.

People will give you their attention & funds if you can help them transform into something greater than they are, & avoid something that is painful to them.

For example, why do people take some form of medicine when they are hurt? Because it stops the pain (for however long — that’s a case-by-case basis).

Additionally, why do entrepreneurs enter into business deals? Because they feel they have something to gain.

Whenever you’re writing a tweet, posting a status update or shooting a video, think about those 3 words. Enter the world of the person you’re trying to serve.

2. Keep It Focused On Them

 Always point out the benefits of your product or service. Customers want to know how it will positively impact their lives, as opposed to hollow features.

You may have heard this example before — people don’t buy DVD workouts, resistance bands or dumbbells. They buy into the idea that these items will help them become fit & attractive.

Emphasize the positive emotional payoff for the person. Don’t outline the laundry list of functionality your software performs, explain how it will save them time & energy as compared to what they’re currently doing.

3. Be Consistent

If you’re a business with an email list, then you simply must send a weekly email to your subscribers. It has to happen. Just the mere fact of showing up in their inbox gets you top-of-mind for a moment with that person. If they open the email, you connect with them on a deeper level. If they click on the links in your email, you’re providing information that’s serving them enough to want to learn more. It’s a bit like giving samples outside your food store. If they like the first taste, they might just come in to check out your shore.

4. Putting It All Together

With these strategies in place, you can run better Facebook Ads, write better emails & ultimately serve more people by convincing them your product or service is of value to them. Wishing you much success as you put these into place 🙂

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