Savor the Pressure as David Wright Does

“People say there’s a lot of pressure here, but that’s what I live for.”

-David Wright


People fear pressure. When people are pressured, most become uncomfortable because they have to live up to a standard. They begin to overcompensate, stagnating the flow of their natural ability. For example, a person receives a pay raise at work. That person becomes anxious; they are beginning to wonder if they were deserving of the raise, and how they will justify such a generous act in their work environment. Doubt and second-guessing seep into their subconscious and their productivity plummets. They become overwhelmed.

When you encounter pressure, whether from a work promotion or a nomination to represent your soccer team in the recreational All-Star game, do like David Wright does, and accept the pressure at face value. True, you, like the All-Star third baseman, are now held to a higher standard, but that is only because you dared to set it. But, if you did not set the bar so high, no one would be talking about you; no one would be praising you. So, which would you rather have?

When pressure comes, and it always does,

do not be overwhelmed to produce, be obligated to succeed.

You are turning pressure on its head if you do.

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