Take Care of Your Loved Ones Like Chris Paul Does

“If my son is happy, then I am happy.”

-Chris Paul


Take care of the people who would take care of you. Of course, this does not mean treating all non-familial members with contempt; be respectful to your peers. However, should a situation pit you between honoring your family or your friends, choose the people whom you love more. Love, it is a strange word. No one can quite define it because it covers such a large scope of humanity’s emotions. After all, because of your love for someone, you can become jovial, stressed, angered, disappointed, disheartened, and a plethora of other things. So, what is love?

The true way to see if someone loves someone else is to see what that person would do for the other. What does that mean?

Let’s say your brother and your best non-familial friend needed money. You had one loan to give out, and that loan would solve all the problems of its recipient. You are literally determining the fate of one of two people financially. Your one loan is their entire world. The night of the decision comes, and both people are sitting with you in your backyard. The choice is yours. You choose. The person who did not get the money asks you why you gave it to your other person. Your answer will be the definition of love. What? Love is the reason you would help one person over another in both person’s time of total need should you have to choose between the two.

Chris Paul is a successful professional basketball player. He could have anything in the world if he wanted it; why stay loyal to anything, then? The answer is because he loves his son and family.

Be happy when your family is happy. Do not drag down the people who are trying to pull you up.

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