Understand, Like Reggie Jackson did, that the Power Is Within


“I didn’t come to New York to be a star, I brought my star with me.”

Reggie Jackson

If you look to other people to generate your happiness, you have none. Thus, you must come to the realization that its time to make some. Imagine driving a car. You are at the steering wheel, but you listen to the people in the back seats to determine the direction of the trip. You are not in control; you are merely a puppet, constantly manipulated by the will of others. I can guarantee you one thing: live like this, and you will never reach your desired destination.

Today you shift gears. Today you realize that brilliance is self-generated. Reggie Jackson did not rely on anyone’s opinion to proclaim his stardom. New York was lucky to have him representing their sports team. Remember this message: you fulfill yourself, no one else.

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