The Ultimate Taylor Swift Digital Domination Guide

Once more the music industry bows in awe of the stellar marketing strategies surrounding one Taylor Swift. A familiar position for both aspiring and established performers, they are once again students to the intricate, impactful messaging patterns behind “one of the world’s most powerful women.” The beauty behind her tactics is that anyone can source inspiration from them to bolster their social media strategy. From conditioning your online community to navigate from one platform to another or intentionally disrupting your blueprint for success only to then create a superior one, the 27-year-old pop star power broker serves as an excellent model for social media prosperity. Let’s delve into Tay Tay’s five robust yet subtle eCommerce strategies:

1. Condition Your Audience To Click

This strategy seems so minimalistic and has thus gone underreported. T-Swizzle is a master of bouncing her audience from one platform to another, silently training them to perform micro-commitments that lead to larger ones. Asking your audience to go from one platform to another reduces the friction that prevents countless entrepreneurs from getting the clickthroughs they want.

For example, her Facebook post on September 27th encouraged fans to “Go behind-the-scenes of the Stream Co. vault from the #LWYMMDvideo!” Legions of participating fans clicked the Youtube thumbnail, arriving at a 96-second video, only 64 of which was the actual behind-the-scenes content. Appropriately, the remaining 32 seconds promote the album’s release as well as corporate partners Target and TicketMaster. This small act of navigating from Facebook to Youtube “is nothing more than taking a tiny baby step, not threatening enough to scare you off from doing the thing you want to do.” The next phase of this customer journey includes buying an affordably priced $13.99 album and then progressing up the chain of value in purchasing a concert ticket.

Taylor Swift Promotional Facebook Post

2. Tease Your New Releases

Swift’s Instagram post from August 23rd perfectly represents a deadline-based album release, whipping up a hailstorm of nervous fan excitement. The anticipation-infused phrase “First Single Out Tomorrow” piqued the interest of millions. Applying this strategy at a granular level, the release of a single music video has become a national event. A later post from Swift read, “Official #LWYMMDvideo world premiere. Sunday 8/27 at the @vmas.” Not only did she draw attention to the MTV Video Music Award show, but she also drove her community’s attention to Youtube, the quiet beneficiary of the Pennsylvania’s pop star’s prowess. Within 24 hours, Swift’s new single “Look What You Made Me Do” earned the title of most YouTube global streams in a 24-hour period. Enjoying your spike in ad revenue, Google?

3. Send Traffic To Your Partners

Promotional partnerships forged in private corporate strategy sessions include projections of online reach and digital return on investment. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more appealing value proposition in the pop culture, mass-market genre than Taylor Swift. A single Instagram video from her account can garner more 11 million views, topping the combined weekly viewership for both Good Morning America and CBS This Morning. Big businesses are helping fuel her meteoric commercial influence, namely UPS, Target, and AT&T. In return, her Youtube videos promote the exclusive opportunity for fans to purchase the Reputation album through Target, and the caption from her Instagram post on September 7th tags @att, AT&T’s Instagram handle.

Taylor Swift's AT&T Promotion

4. Leverage And Track The Link In Your Instagram Bio

Swift’s three consecutive videos promoting her “Ready For It” song on Instagram highlight “A second glance into #reputation… ready for it? Link in bio.” Upon further inspection, the link in her bio is a trackable URL, recording the number of clicks it receives. Armed with that knowledge, musicians can set an expected conversion rate for album sales resulting from social media. Here’s a simple example: 100 people watch a video referencing the link in your bio. 20 of them click the link, & five of them buy the album. Your conversion rate on video views is 5% (5 purchases / 100 views). Artists use link shortening services like and, which promises to “create intelligent links that route fans to the music they love.”

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 5.16.28 PM

5. Disrupt And Reinvent Your Strategy

In a world of constant change, perhaps the best safeguard against disruption is to disrupt yourself. As Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom highlights, “It’s almost riskier to not disrupt yourself.” Swift, the reigning Queen of celebrity social media began her online campaign by deleting all of her accounts’ posts, profile images, and likes. Why pour water on your sandcastle? To build a better one. Those are willing to challenge both the status quo and their blueprint for success will thrive in a world driven by innovation. So my fellow achiever, go level up your social media plan with strategies from the best of the best.

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