5 Ways To Grow Your Business With Live Video

Live videos are here to stay. They are an excellent engagement tool as “viewers will watch a live video approximately three times longer than a pre-recorded one” according to Social Media Today. Social media platforms reward publishers with increased reach on their live videos, which are increasingly growing in popularity. Currently, “20% of all Facebook videos are broadcast live” as Buzzsumo reports. Additionally, video marketing is an effective way to draw attention to the launch of a new product or service as “84% of consumers surveyed were convinced to buy a product or service after watching a brand’s video” according to Kissmetrics. So how can your business take advantage of this trend? Here are five strategies:

  1. Perform Weekly Broadcasts At A Specific Day & Time

Get your community into the habit of viewing your videos at the same time each week. Email your subscribers the day before & twice during the day of your broadcast, highlighting the benefits of what they’ll learn if they join you live. For example, you can discuss the launch of a new product or service, showcase your onsite location during an office walkthrough, highlight a recent media feature or announce the winner of one of your social media contests. You can also use day-specific hashtags in the caption of your live videos. Examples include #MotivationMonday, #TerrificTuesday, #TransformationTuesday, #TestimonialTuesday, #WisdomWednesday, #ThrowbackThursday, #FabulousFriday, #SocialSaturday & #SuperSunday.

  1. Respond To Your Community’s Comments & Questions

People may leave comments during or after the live broadcast. Acknowledge that they took the time to watch your broadcast & reply to their feedback. It helps establish a deeper connection with your viewers. To encourage more feedback from your audience, post a comment on your video after your broadcast ends thanking everyone for watching & asking them to post any comments or questions in the comments section.

  1. Start & End Your Broadcasts The Same Way Each Time

In advance of your live video, decide how you are going to start & finish the video. For example, my usual opening is “Hi everyone I’m Michael Guberti, Social Media Strategist & co-founder of Guberti Giving, happy to discuss [insert topic of live video].” The typical ending for my videos is “If you like this content, then visit MichaelGuberti.com for more strategies & videos like this. Until I see you in person, in the next video or speak with you over the phone, Dream Big, Achieve Greatness & Unlock Your Potential Today!” The beginning & end of your videos is an excellent opportunity to insert your company motto or tagline. Be sure to mention your website & if appropriate, phone number & email address so your viewers can contact you for further information.

  1. #TechTalk: Turn On Airplane Mode, Reconnect To WiFi & Charge Your Phone

Connect your phone to Airplane mode so you don’t get a text or phone call in the middle of your broadcast. When you do this, your phone will disconnect from WiFi so be sure to reconnect back to the network you were using. Additionally, live video requires a fair amount of battery strength so ensure your phone is charged before you go live.

  1. Go Live On Multiple Platforms At The Same Time

Different people use different platforms. So if you’re going to do a video, why not go live on more than one platform? You can increase your exposure & show that you’re using social media in a cutting-edge way. How many of your competitors are regularly broadcasting live on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube at the same time? Stand out in your market by doing just that.

Bringing It All Together:

By 2021, Cisco predicts that 82 percent of all internet traffic will be video. Of all the types of video you can publish, live video is extremely engaging because it is real, raw, unedited, establishes a deep connection with the viewer & distinguishes you from your competition. The point? Go live!

I corresponded with an author who wanted to promote her magazine feature. She had worked hard to get on the front cover of a magazine. She performed a Facebook Live video & received strong levels of engagement. Here was her feedback:

Here was her feedback:

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