6 Lessons Learned From Over 1 Million Facebook Ad Impressions

Here are my 6 lessons learned from running Facebook, Instagram & Messenger Ad Campaigns that reached over 100,000 unique people & were seen over 1,000,000 times in 2018.

1. Split-test your ad campaigns

2. Leverage Messaging Campaigns in Facebook

According to Facebook IQ:

“1 in 2 people surveyed globally say messaging has replaced other forms of communication.”

“Across 8 markets surveyed globally, 80% of adults message daily.”

“Across Colombia, Germany, Mexico and the US, 71% of people surveyed say they’re open to messaging businesses.”

Install ManyChat.com.

3. Optimize your age ranges

4. Leverage video ads

5. Create Lookalike audiences based on your most recent buyers

6. Use Audience Insights to find new targeting interests based on your Facebook fans

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