7 more strategies that helped medical aesthetics practices have their best year ever [part 2 of 2]

This article is a continuation of my previous article that shared 7 strategies that helped propel medical aesthetics practices to new heights, & how you can use them to succeed. 

Here are 7 more tactics that can help you grow your medical aesthetics practice.

1. Send a weekly email to your subscribers.

You can benefit from sending weekly emails to reach the people on your email list consistently. If someone wants to unsubscribe from your weekly emails, that’s fine. The majority of clients want to stay connected and learn about your specials, new services, updates, and tips.

In your emails, include links to your social media accounts, website & phone number. You can encourage your subscribers to watch your most recent video. Ask your subscribers to enter your social media contest, learn about your newest service, listen to your latest podcast episode, or claim your limited-time specials.

2. Send text messages to your customers.

Send text messages to promote your limited-time specials. Some medical aesthetics practices offer specials frequently. If you do the same, consider sending a weekly text message to promote those specials.

Alternatively, if you just offer a special every now and then, send a monthly text message instead.

3. Use interactive Instagram stories to engage your audience & gather market research.

You can pose a question to see what your audience thinks about a certain topic. For example, you can say something to the effect of, “Do you want gorgeous, glowing skin?” Present the two options of “yes” or “no thanks.” If the response is positive, consider promoting your facial services and your skincare products.

You can also test your audience’s level of understanding about a certain service. For example, you can say “what part of the body does Qwo enhance?” List different parts of the body for them to choose from. You will be able to see which answer your audience selects. This information serves as market research & helps you tailor future offers to your customers’ preferences.

4. Run targeted ad campaigns to potential customers.

You can target people based on their interests, age range, location, gender, website behavior, household income & other factors. Test multiple audiences to determine which groups of people respond to your ad campaign. Test multiple ads to identify if your audience resonates more with certain words like “sign up,” “learn more” or “book now.” Additionally, check which platform create the best cost-per-action. For example, you can identify whether Facebook, Instagram or Messenger produces the best response.

5. Create a social media contest.

You can encourage people to enter your contest by providing a prize that they can enter to win if they perform certain actions. You can offer to give away a free product or service if people perform specific actions. For example, you can encourage people to like your Instagram post, follow your account, & tag 5 friends each in a separate comment, on your post. It is important to say “each in a separate comment” because you can get 5 different comments by including this language in your contest rules.

6. Leverage live videos.

You can spotlight a product or service, introduce a new employee or showcase your office using an Instagram live video. If you’re comfortable being on camera, that can work in your favor with live broadcasts, especially if you perform them consistently. If you’re a little camera shy, perform an Instagram live video without anyone in the video & just show your physical location. Give your viewers a virtual tour of your office. You can also answer questions that your viewers ask, or answer your customers’ frequently asked questions. At the end of your live broadcast, leave a comment on your video thanking everyone for watching & encouraging them to visit your website for more information.

7. Leverage the #MeetTheTeamMonday hashtag.

Show the people behind your business so potential customers are more comfortable contacting your company. Give them a sense of the people behind your business.

Bringing it all together:

These strategies have helped medical aesthetics practices succeed & reach more people with digital marketing. Looking forward to seeing you thrive with these tactics.

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