Avoid these digital marketing disasters

One of my clients used to boost Instagram posts from her phone. She clicked on the blue button that says “boost,” chose some targeting options, and submitted the ad for review. She received some likes in exchange for the funds she paid. In short, she overpaid for underperformance.

When you boost posts on your phone, Instagram gives you a small slice of its targeting functionality to choose from. They call it a “low-barrier-to-entry advertising product.” The problem is that low-barrier-to-entry ad targeting often produces low-quality results. For example, you may spend $5 to boost your post from your phone and get 4 likes as a result.

Meanwhile, advertisers using all of Instagram’s capabilities can promote a post, spend the same $5, and get between 25 – 100 likes from potential customers.

One advertiser is using a small portion of Instagram’s targeting options. The other is using everything that the platform has to offer.

Don’t shortchange yourself. Avoid boosting posts from your phone. Instead, invest in high-quality marketing campaigns customized toward your business goals.

After spending over a million dollars in online advertising campaigns for my clients, I can tell you that high-quality paid ad campaigns are not built on a phone. They’re built on a computer so you can use everything the platform has to offer.

The same thing applies to Google ad campaigns.
A brick-and-mortar company decided they would have their receptionist run paid Google ad campaigns for their business. The receptionist downloaded the Google Ads app on her phone, clicked a few of the targeting options for the campaign, chose the ad, submitted it for review and the campaign began.

Sadly, because the receptionist had no experience creating or managing paid ad campaigns online, this brick-and-mortar business was paying to promote its physical location to people outside of their geographical radius and even outside of their country.

Why? Because the receptionist did not choose the right settings. Therefore, the business paid to show its ads all over the world, virtually guaranteeing that no one who saw their ads would become a client. All this without even knowing that they made the mistake. Google’s dashboard showed that people were clicking on and viewing the ads. They looked no further than that. The business continued to waste their money.

Don’t leave the fate of your business and livelihood in the hands of someone who doesn’t know what they are doing. Avoid these costly digital marketing disasters. Work with a marketing professional who knows what they are doing.

I’ve been creating and managing marketing campaigns for 9 years and achieved the following results:

  • Grew 6-figure med spas to 7 figures in 6 years.
  • Assisted orthodontist to reach top 1% Invisalign status.
  • Achieved a 51% annual growth rate for a hair salon.
  • Worked with Feng Shui school from startup to 6 figures.

I don’t farm out the work to third parties and people you have never communicated with. I speak with you, I do the work, and make sure your feedback is woven into our marketing strategy.

I charge $1,500 per month and require that you spend an additional $1,000 per month in paid advertising at a minimum. The monthly ad budget is like fuel for the plane. With it, we can cover some ground. Without it, it’s harder to make progress.

The total monthly expense to you is $2,500 per month, which is approximately $30,000 per year. If that $30,000 generated $75,000 or $90,000 in revenue in the first year, would that work for you?

That’s what happened with one of my clients during my first year working with them. They spent the most they have ever spent on marketing in their business’ history, and they grew by 51%.

To invest in high-quality marketing campaigns for your business, schedule a complimentary 15-minute discovery call to see if we are a good fit to work together. If you are wondering about how the service works, how often we communicate, what work is done, etc., schedule a call to get your questions answered.

Take the next step and schedule your discovery call to see what it’s all about.

P.S. Here is another reason not to use your phone to boost Instagram posts. In addition to being both expensive and ineffective, Apple is now charging a 30% service charge for iPhone users who boost posts on Instagram’s mobile app.

Therefore, it is estimated that if you boost an Instagram post for $30 on the Instagram mobile app on your iPhone, your expense will be $39 ($30 to Instagram + $9 to Apple because of the 30% service charge) before applicable taxes.

Insult to injury.
Don’t overpay for underperformance.
Work with a professional to handle your marketing.

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