High-performing Black Friday specials for med spas

Black Friday is a few days away! To have a successful Black Friday promotion, you need a great deal, a deadline, and a high-quality marketing strategy. There is no shortage of promotions for your clients to choose from. Your promotion needs to stand out from the crowd.

High-quality marketing makes the difference:

You need to remind your clients about your Black Friday message. Use your social media accounts, email marketing, website and other channels to promote your special.

Include this important note:

If applicable, include the following message in your promotion: “cannot be combined with any discounts, promotions, or memberships.” Clients may try to combine multiple discounts, aka double-dip.

Give the perfect gift or treat yourself:

During the Christmas season and holiday season, people are buying gifts for their family members and friends. Include language in your promotion similar to “give the perfect gift to that special person in your life or treat yourself!”

Get inspiration from other businesses:

Do not reinvent the wheel. If other businesses have achieved success with their Black Friday promotions, learn from them and customize your promotion so it fits your business.

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