How To Grow Your Business With Messenger Ads On Facebook & Instagram

More than 11% of the world’s population uses Facebook Messenger. If you’re a business owner looking to connect with potential customers, you need to create a strategy for one of the world’s most popular messaging apps.

Similar to your email subscribers, your Messenger subscribers are people who you can message with information about your business. However, you have to send messages carefully as Facebook can penalize your page if you send overly-promotional messages.

I’ve been fortunate to help businesses like med spas, insurance providers & orthodontists leverage Facebook Messenger. Here are some of my best strategies:

* Send holiday greetings to your subscribers

* Create buttons for your potential Messenger subscribers to click on when Messenger opens

* Experiment between long & short wording in your ads (concise text works well in many cases)

* Decide if you’d like to implement Messenger Birthday Campaigns

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