Leverage These 6 Strategies To Run Targeted Ad Campaigns On Facebook, Instagram & Messenger

Did you know that Facebook collects thousands of data points on its users? Those data points are useful when you run ads properly on its various platforms: Facebook, Instagram, & Messenger. There are settings in Facebook’s Ads Manager that allow you to target specific audiences. Here are examples of how some types of businesses can use these settings to reach new customers, & how you can too.

  1. Show your ads to people who have an upcoming birthday.

Your ad can say something to the effect of, “Wishing you a Happy Birthday in advance! To help you celebrate, save 10% off your next service now until the end of the month! Give us a call at [insert your business’s phone number] to claim your savings today.”

You can also target friends of people who have an upcoming birthday in the next 7 days or the next 30 days. The wording in an ad to those people can read, “Give them the gift they really want on their birthday. Treat your friend or family member to the gift of [insert the benefit of your product or service] with a gift card from [insert the name of your business].”

  1. Reach people who have an upcoming Anniversary.

The wording in this ad can read, “Happy Anniversary in advance! Get the perfect gift for that special person in your life & save 10% off with this limited-time, anniversary-only special! Enter the promo code ‘Anniversary’ when you checkout to save 10% off!”

You can either use a discount in the promotion or charge the regular price, tailoring your wording around the person’s upcoming anniversary.

  1. Show your ads to people who are recently engaged.

Perhaps you are a travel agent who helps people book honeymoons. Consider running paid ads to people who are recently engaged. Your ad can say, “Congratulations on getting engaged! Make your first trip as a married couple a beautiful one! Give us a call to schedule the honeymoon of your dreams.”

People who are invited to a wedding bring gifts for the husband and wife. Businesses such as flower shops may want to leverage the feature that lets you target friends of people who are newly engaged. The language can read something to the effect of, “Give them the gift they’ll always remember, on the day they’ll never forget.” You can add an accompanying visual of a beautiful flower bouquet or the product that your business sells.

  1. Target people based on their household income level.

Facebook describes this targeting option as “people who live in the top x% of US zip codes by average household income.” The ranges they provide are top 5%, top 10%, from the top 10% to 25%, & from the top 25% to 50%. If you sell a higher-priced product or service or try to target high-income earners, consider using this targeting option.

  1. Show ads to Facebook Page Administrators.

If you want to reach business owners or other people who make decisions about what is posted on a Facebook business page, consider leveraging this setting. A Facebook Page Administrator can manage all aspects of a Facebook business page, from creating paid ads, publishing posts & responding to comments. You can be led to believe those individuals are decision-makers within the organization they are associated with.

A message to this audience may read, “Increase your page’s engagement & reach more people with our free social media marketing templates! Download these fill-in-the-blank, copy-and-paste scripts to grow your audience.”

  1. Include this message in your promotions.

An important note to add to your promotions is something to the effect of, “Can not be combined with any discounts, promotions, memberships, or gift cards.”

Bringing It All Together:

Leverage these settings to run targeted ads on Facebook, Instagram & Messenger. If done correctly, it may yield optimal results.

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