Business Strategy:

Get Results-Focused Business Strategy & Training

  • Boost Your Business Success

    Boost the growth of your business by focusing on results, leading with purpose & committing yourself to a massive action plan.

  • Jump Start Your Prosperity With Our Initial Business Meeting

    Let’s figure out where you are & where you want to go. Gain clarity & learn to take action with purpose.

  • Keep & Grow The Momentum With Our Follow Up Meetings

    Accountability is the glue that holds a great enterprise together.

Create A Lean Digital Presence By Removing The Overlap

  • Audit Your Current Systems

    Are the services you’re paying for up-to-date? Have they been designed to address the latest changes in technology and social media? Or are they no longer valid in today’s world?

  • Stop Overpaying for Underperformance

    Do you have a bunch of CRM softwares that basically do the same thing? Discover how you can connect the digital dots more efficiently.

  • Cross-Pollinate Like A Pro

    Connect your online platforms together in a cohesive manner. Leverage the unique aspects of each one. 
    a strategy.

Strategize Like A Fortune 500 Company

  • Create & Craft Your 12 Month Marketing Calendar

    Rather than waking up & thinking “what am I going to promote this month”, decide in advance what you’re going to be promoting for the next 12 months.

  • Theme Your Social Media Posts & Emails To What You're Selling

    Your social media posts, emails & texts should relate to & end up promoting the product or service you’re trying to sell that month.

  • Finally Focus Your Marketing Efforts

    Rather than having a helter-skelter operation, decide that today is the day you stop the chaos, & instead become the savvy business owner you were meant to be.

Digital Strategy:

Create An Engaging Website

  • Turn Your Online Presence Into A Digital Masterpiece

    We optimize your website to collect leads & provide valuable information at the same time. We create the pages, posts, & design the overall structure of your website.

  • Audit Your Current Website

    You already have a website & are looking to take it to the next level? You’ll discover advanced tips for making your website both memorable & lucrative, as well as mobile friendly.

  • Make Your Website Search Engine Friendly

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    Do search engines like Google & Bing like your website. There are best practices that can put you light years ahead of other websites.

Done-For-You Facebook & Instagram Ad Creation, Monitoring & Optimization

  • Reach Your Ideal Customer

    You’d be amazed how many business owners target people who are not interested in their product or service, or don’t live close enough to their business to be interested. Today, you decide to reach only the right people.

  • Split-Test With Intelligence

    You could pay thousands of dollars for a hosting company to create 1 image for your ad campaign & run it for 3 months. Or you can split-test 6 different images and videos to find out what really converts for your business.

  • Optimize Every 48 Hours

    You need to change your images, headlines, ad text, descriptions, placements & many other factors of your ad campaign as it’s happening. We monitor & make improvements every 48 hours.

Done-For-You Weekly Email Strategy, Creation & A/B Testing

  • Create An Email Marketing Strategy

    Most business owners have an email list that they communicate with once a month. Marketing is consistency! The more you contact your email list, the faster you’ll discover your real clients & weed out the people who were never going to buy from you anyway.

  • Craft Compelling Subject Lines, Write Persuasive Emails & Stay Out Of The Spam Folder

    One of the most important business skills is copywriting, or “persuasion with words.” We’ll write your subject lines & emails with an eye towards getting your subscribers to take action.

  • A/B Test To Find What Works

    Certain messages strike more of a chord with people that others. The only way to know what works is to experiment, and constantly look to beat your prior performance. Do this, and watch your open rates, clickthroughs and
    lead generation strategies increase.

Grow Your Engaged Instagram Followers

  • Build Up Social Proof

    There’s a big difference between a business with 10,000 followers & one with 100 — the immediate credibility one has over the other. If you can win someone on first glance as they’re scrolling through their feed, you can win their interest, trust & investment. It’s time to level up your Instagram, one of the most used mobile apps in the world.

  • Get Engagement By Giving Engagement

    If you want some Instagram engagement, you have to give it to others. This process is more than a couple of likes & cute comments. It’s dedicating yourself to consistently growing interest for your account by engaging with others in a meaningful, memorable, likable way, every day.

  • Watch the likes come pouring in

    It’s a reassuring feeling to know — “yes, someone is watching. Your work is being noticed” rather than it going into a blackhole of delirium that only adds to the noise of the world! As your engagement increases, you’ll begin to discover the truth — people are watching you & that you are an influencer in your own way.

Publish Customized, Clickable, Gorgeous Social Media Posts

  • Create Likable Content

    Have us produce relevant, likable & shareable social media posts. We relate all your social media posts to your marketing calendar to give each one a business purpose.

  • Create Content Specific To Your Industry

    Have us create high impact, memorable pictures & videos that confirm your expertise to your community.

  • Leverage & Unleash The Most Engaging Contests

    Level up your online contests using strategies that enabled our clients to reach over 10,000 people in a single promotion.

Audit & Level Up Your Social Media Profiles

  • Get Serious About Getting Social

    Social media is a must as it’s literally becoming the new way that people primarily communicate apart from face-to-face interaction. Are your social media profiles projecting confidence & professionalism?

  • Master The Latest Social Trends

    Discover how to leverage the newest changes in social media (like 360 degree videos & more) to grow your presence online. Becoming omnipresent across many online platforms is key.

  • Evaluate Your Social Media Ad Campaigns

    Set goals for your clickthrough rates, check in every 48 hours & implement other best practices.

Done-For-You Facebook Live Video & Chatbot Creation (AKA The Scary Part of Facebook)

  • Nervous About Going Live? So Is The Rest Of The World

    Don’t think it’s just you — so many people are afraid to go live on Facebook for a plethora of reasons. That’s why we go live for you, only showing slides with your business’ logo.

  • Create Your Own Chatbot

    You can either try to hack your way through the coding & setup process, or you can leave it to us to create automatic responses for your customers so they know you’re always there for them.

  • Scripting Out A Successful, Persuasive Live Presentation

    So we’ve got the tech all set up & now we just need to deliver an incredible presentation to hook your audience into taking some action. We’d work together to craft a winning pitch.

Create Your Full-Blown Sales Funnel: Advanced Ad Campaign Strategy

  • Check The Tech

    Connecting all the systems for an online sales funnel can be overwhelming.

  • Write Sales Pages & Emails That Sell

    We use high-converting copy templates to make your offer as clickable & compelling as possible.

  • Measure If The Funnel Is Working!

    Discover how many subscribers you need to “run through” your funnel before you know if it’s working.

Set Up A High Performing Instagram Influencer Program

  • Leverage The New Celebrities -- Social Media Influencers

    There is a massive, slow shift occurring in how people communicate, & influencers hold the lion-share of online influence. Learn how to send out a message calling for influencers, vet them based on your needs & maximize the return you get from your collaboration.

  • Create Different Levels Of Influencer Collaboration

    Would you treat someone differently if they had 500 followers vs. 50,000? Absolutely! And knowing the different levels of influencer collaboration will help you craft win-win situations for all parties involved.

  • Identify & Decide Whether To Keep The Influencers Based on ROI

    Just like any marketing strategy, you need to consistently evaluate if the input is worth the output — a.k.a. am I getting a positive Return-On-Investment (ROI) for my time, service prices & energy?

Create A Shopify Store Like No Other

  • Sell In Style

    Have us create elegant, effective shopping cart pages to showcase all your products.

  • Deposit Payments Right To Your Bank Account Or Go Through PayPal

    With plenty of flexible payment options, Shopify can transfer customer purchases to your bank or PayPal account.

  • Keep Adding More Products

    There’s no limit to how many products you can add to your shopping cart.

Finally Publish Your Book On Amazon!

  • Unleash Your Inner Author

    If you’ve been thinking about writing a book for a long time, then you’re perfect for our Finally Publish Your Book On Amazon service.

  • Leave The Formatting, Font Spacing & "Bleed Over" Effect To Us

    There are so many technical intricacies when it comes to publishing your own book on Amazon. Don’t worry about that, we’ve got you covered.

  • Create A Beautiful Cover Photo WITHOUT Doing The Work

    Combining psychological engagement principles with elegant graphic design, we create your picture with an eye towards making it magnificent.